Dan Millman

Dan Millman on “Awakening the Peaceful Warrior Within»

Indicative Sample of Basil Tsaras’ and his Companies’ Events
(Conferences and Summits)

Great Speakers Series 2007 Events

Event No 10

Dan Millman
“Awakening the Peaceful Warrior Within»

Also featuring premier screening of the motion picture "Peaceful Warrior"

Village Cinemas at the Mall

September 22, 2007

Dan Millman, the famous American author and lecturer in the self-help field and pioneer in the quest for personal evolution since the 1980 publication of his renowned book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, accepted Basil Tsaras’ invitation and came to Athens on September 22, 2007 to reveal to the Greek audience the key elements from The Hidden School — an insightful presentation of the experiences that prepared him for the awakening described at the conclusion of Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Following his presentation labeled «Awakening the Peaceful Warrior Within», the premier screening of the motion picture “Peaceful Warrior” with Nick Nolte took place.

During that wonderful workshop, which included a mix of meditation, partner exercises, supportive lecturing, experiential practices, and finally, the screening of the movie, the lucky 400 participants had the chance to explore:

  • Higher states of awareness and various paths to awakening.
  • Meditation preparations for “how to die in order to truly live.”
  • The higher self meditation.
  • Beliefs that limit their world and life—and how to go beyond.
  • The secret of free will—and how to use it.

Dan called the participants to move beyond mere doing to practicing each moment, and their daily lives providing all they need for their personal growth and evolution. He insisted on the fact that there are no ordinary moments. During that extraordinary day, Dan led participants beyond imagined limits to discover precisely how to live in the present for a simpler, saner, more serene life. Topics discussed, included:

  • Spiritual Laws: ultimate guidance for life.
  • Living Wisdom: turning what we know into what we do.
  • The Four Purposes of Life: new clarity and meaning.
  • From Fear to Power: how to overcome self-doubt.
  • A Return to Reality: a radical approach to waking up.
  • Warrior Spirit: experiencing the warrior within.

In the process of clarifying the four purposes of life, Dan revealed twelve arenas that form the substance of our odyssey through daily life — the hidden meaning behind our challenges in relationship, work, children, finances, and health — how these arenas provide the precise means of our awakening. Millman argued that our lives operate according to universal laws as real as the law of gravity. In this illuminating presentation, Dan revealed how to apply spiritual laws to achieve real-world outcomes in everyday life.

In his light-hearted blend of wit and wisdom, words and practice, questions and answers, Dan provided a “map of the territory” as we experience what it means to live with a peaceful heart and a warrior’s spirit. Here is an indicative sample of questions raised by the audience during the Event, to each of which Dan Millman provided a descriptive and thorough answer:

  • What is a peaceful warrior, and how does this apply to me?
  • What is my purpose in this life?
  • How have I been programmed, and how can I be liberated?
  • What is reality, and how can this understanding simplify my life?
  • What practical value can I find in transcendental teachings?
  • What are the core strengths and challenges of my life path?
  • How can my work and family become paths of personal growth?
  • What are the truths and the illusions of various popular approaches to spiritual growth?
  • How can I truly live in the present moment, and how can that help me?

Dan Millman is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied psychology and excelled in sports, winning a world championship and membership in the elite USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. He later served as head gymnastics coach at Stanford University and then a professor at Oberlin College. On a research grant, Dan traveled the world studying yoga, martial arts and other psycho-physical disciplines.

After 35 years exploring various wisdom traditions, Mr. Millman began his teaching work – through his written work and lectures, he has brought greater clarity, perspective, and purpose to audiences worldwide, communicating an approach to living, he calls “the peaceful warrior’s way.” Also an international speaker, Dan Millman has addressed groups as varied as Apple University, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Center for Professional Development, International Conference on Science and Consciousness. He also lectured at Luton University in England, U. C. Berkeley and other universities, churches, and public gatherings for the past two decades.

Millman is the author of thirteen books, including “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, “The Journeys of Socrates”, “The Life You Were Born to Live”, “No Ordinary Moments”, “The Laws of Spirit,” and the “Living on Purpose”. His books have inspired millions of readers in 29 languages. His first book is now a film starring Nick Nolte as “Socrates.”

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