Dr. Michael Hammer

Dr. Michael Hammer on “Operational Innovation: Breakthrough Performance through Process Transformation”

Indicative Sample of Basil Tsaras’ and his Companies’ Events
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Great Speakers Series 2007 Events

Event No 8

Dr. Michael Hammer
“Operational Innovation: Breakthrough Performance through Process Transformation”

Athens, Arts Centre at ACS

February 28, 2007

Dr. Michael Hammer, the world’s leading expert on process management, accepted Basil Tsaras’ invitation and came to Athens on February 28, 2007 to reveal to the Greek audience the “secrets” of “Operational Innovation” and shared his experiences with the Greek fellow Managers on how to achieve “Breakthrough Performance through Process Transformation.”

Dr. Michael Hammer showed to the participants how to harness the power of end-to-end business processes to transform the performance of their organization. Dr. Michael Hammer also explained the process concept and taught them practical, proven techniques for using the process approach to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

During his remarkable presentation he showed the path of how to transform end-to-end business processes to dramatic performance improvements.


  • This program taught attendees how to harness their processes and use them to create competitive advantage.
  • Hammer showed how process redesign leads to enormous reductions in cost and increases in speed and customer satisfaction, and how process management improves an organization’s ability to respond to major change.
  • Hammer also examined such critical issues as the role of the process owner, developing and deploying end-to-end process metrics, and techniques for designing and implementing new processes. Particular attention was given to the organizational consequences of process management and to the changes it brings to an enterprise.
  • He reviewed techniques for managing these changes and to the role that senior leadership must play to succeed with process-based transformation.
  • Furthermore, he proved to the audience that companies that concentrate on their processes by designing them, measuring them, managing them, and constantly improving them are able to achieve sustained high levels of operating performance.

Dr. Michael Hammer is the driving force behind the business process revolution. He is the originator of both reengineering and the process enterprise, concepts that have changed forever how businesses around the world do business. Thousands of companies have turned his ideas into practice and profit. An engineer by training, Dr. Hammer’s research and teachings focus on how to transform business operations; his work is relentlessly pragmatic and immediately applicable. Dr. Hammer was for many years a professor of computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he is currently a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School. He is the founder of several high-technology companies, and he was named by Time magazine, as one of America’s twenty-five most influential individuals.

Dr. Michael Hammer

“Operational Innovation: Breakthrough Performance through Process Transformation”

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