Jack Trout Differentiate or Die

Jack Trout on Strategy: Differentiate or Die

Indicative Sample of Basil Tsaras’ and his Companies’ Events
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Great Speakers Series 2006 Events

Event No 6

“Jack Trout on Strategy: Differentiate or Die”

Arts Centre at ACS

Athens, October 18, 2006

Dr. Jack Trout, the famous guru on Marketing Strategy and Positioning accepted Basil Tsaras’ invitation and came to Athens on October 18, 2006 to present his views on the subject and share with the audience the outcome of his extensive research in the area of Marketing Strategy, Positioning and Differentiation.

The full day event focused entirely on the importance of being different. Jack Trout showed to the Greek Managers who participated to the Event, how competition works and moreover how they should think and work in order to win over their competitors.
Jack Trout brought in leanings and practical examples from some of the world’s most well-known brands: how they have succeeded or why they have failed – all this to help the Greek audience avoid making the same costly mistakes other people have made (no matter how small or big one rand might be, the principles are always the same).

Jack taught the simple four-step differentiation process in order to define how Greek Marketers should be different. He explained the process and the decision making dynamics of what competitive strategy a Greek Marketer should drive in his market, and how to drive his difference into the mind of his prospect.

During this seminar, all the principles of differentiation came to life before the eyes of the 500 hundred participants in a differentiation workshop on stage, where everyone in the audience had the opportunity to participate and test his/her thinking with Jack Trout.

Instrumental in developing the vital approach to marketing known as “positioning,” Jack Trout is responsible for some of the freshest ideas to be introduced into marketing thinking in the last decade. The brand extension trap, marketing warfare, and bottom-up marketing ideas are but a few of the many ideas that he developed and illustrated convincingly.

Jack Trout is president of Trout & Partners, one of the most prestigious marketing firms with headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and offices in 13 countries. Jack Trout manages and supervises a global network of experts that apply his concepts and develop his methodology around the world. The firm as done work for AT&T, IBM, Burger King, Merrill Lynch, Xerox, Merck, Lotus, Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Repsol, KPMG Peat Marwick, Procter & Gamble, Southwest Airlines and other Fortune 500 companies.

Jack Trout started his business career in the advertising department of General Electric. From there he went on to become a divisional advertising manager at Uniroyal. Then he joined Al Ries in the advertising agency and marketing strategy firm where they worked together for over twenty-six years.

With Al Ries he co-authored the industry classic, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, which was published in 1980 by the McGraw-Hill Book Company and subsequently by Warner Books in paperback. In 1985 he and Al Ries wrote a second best-selling book entitled Marketing Warfare. Crossing marketing thinking with some of the principles of the famous Prussian military strategist, Carl von Clausewitz, this book has also received wide acclaim. Positioning and Marketing Warfare are now published in 19 languages. In 1988 Bottom-Up Marketing was published. It became very popular as the “process” book as it completed what has become known as the “Trilogy” of marketing books. In 1993 their book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing quickly became the marketing bible. It outlined the basic reasons why marketing programs succeed or fail in the competitive nineties. Jack Trout closed the circle with the sequel to Positioning in 1995. Entitled The New Positioning it takes the world’s No. 1 business strategy to a new level. It became a Business Week best seller and has already been translated into 16 languages.

Jack Trout is one of the most recognized speakers of our time and he has delivered more than 2,000 speeches to marketing and business audiences all over the world.

Dr. Jack Trout and Jay Conrad Levinson


Dr. Jack Trout and Jay Conrad Levinson

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October 2 Day Event


Dr. Jack Trout and Jay Conrad Levinson


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