Jay Conrad Levinson

Jay Conrad Levinson on Mastering Guerrilla Marketing

Indicative Sample of Basil Tsaras’ and his Companies’ Events
(Conferences and Summits)

Great Speakers Series 2006 Events

Event No 7

Jay Conrad Levinson
“Mastering Guerrilla Marketing”

Arts Centre at ACS

Athens, October 19, 2006

Jay Conrad Levinson, the “father” of modern Guerrilla marketing accepted Basil Tsaras’ invitation and came to Athens on October 19, 2006 to reveal to the Greek audience the “secrets” and the hidden mechanics of what Guerrilla marketing strategies and tactics are and how does Guerrilla marketing work. Jay actually presented another dimension of marketing. He showed that guerrilla marketing is a “body” of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals and a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money.

Jay explained the key differences between guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing, talked about the 100 weapons of guerrilla marketing, proved that marketing is now a science, and delved into the personalities of successful guerrilla marketers.  Finally, he revealed the key secrets of guerrilla marketing, the truth about online marketing, and the steps to take to earn serious profits with a guerrilla marketing attack.

Furthermore, he discussed with the participants the most effective way of developing an effective guerrilla marketing program for their companies or your clients and get better results while keeping their marketing on a budget. He also tackled the case of advertising and PR programs evaluation to see if they are effective in the light of the latest guerrilla marketing techniques. On top of all that, he taught the participants how to apply specific techniques in the area of strategy development, trademark and slogan development, how to gain a clear understanding of marketing and decide the purpose of their marketing effort, how to get more for their marketing investment, how to select the right marketing weapons, how to identify their target market(s) and develop a brand identity, how to position their product/service in a good niche, how to avoid making the most common marketing mistakes and increase the profits for their company, and how could a company live though the times of crisis (when demand and sales are low, unemployment is high, and when there are no payments and investments done), and use the crisis to intensify relationships with guerrilla marketing.

Finally, he presented dozens of case studies where companies such as Sony, Procter and Gamble, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt and Rolls Royce relied on GM tactics such as free samples, personal letters and questionnaires to become successful and helped participants understand the benefits of using internet for guerrilla marketing, and how to reinvent their marketing by understanding the deeper meanings of the phrases “customer base” and “long term commitment.”
Jay Conrad Levinson is the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a consulting firm serving large and small businesses worldwide. He is the creator of the Guerrilla Marketing book series, which is the best-selling marketing series ever published. Levinson has authored over 33 books (translated in 41 languages). He is quite possibly the most respected marketer in the world – and is responsible for some of the greatest marketing success stories of all time: “The Marlboro Man,” “The Jolly Green Giant,” “Fly the Friendly Skies of United,” and many others famous jargons and marketing themes from fortune 500 corporations.

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