a.    Richardson, Inc.: W. http://www.richardson.com
Richardson is a global sales training and sales force effectiveness company with over 30 years of experience in creating customized sales training solutions that build organizational capability and improve the individual skills necessary to grow profitable sales. Richardson roots are deeply landed in the Financial Sector and with a proven record of more than 30 years of successfully helping global Fortune 1000 companies worldwide improve sales skills, increase sales performance, and drive corporate results. Richardson associates are the pioneers and innovators of Sales Performance Improvement.

Headquartered globally in Philadelphia, PA, Richardson has multi-lingual sales training experience across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America, including a European Headquarters in London and international offices in Singapore and Australia.

b.    Roubini Global Economics LLC: W. http://www.roubini.com
Roubini Global Economics, LLC (RGE), provides a uniquely tailored look at the logic of the global economy, applying the methodology of its renowned founder, NYU economist Nouriel Roubini. Under his leadership, RGE team of economists, analysts and market strategists identify the most vital economic and geostrategic questions, surface the debate and provide counsel to senior executives in leading corporations, hedge funds, financial institutions and asset management firms, real estate companies, and governmental organizations on world current financial issues impacting their risk identification and investment decisions.
With offices in New York and London, RGE produces daily analysis of the global economy in the form of Critical Issue and Briefings, as well as regular analysis and strategy outlooks each month. Additionally, RGE economists meet in direct engagement with RGE Direct Access clients, helping some of the world’s most important market players formulate the ideas and strategies they need to stay a step ahead of the pack. RGE 1,000 plus clients comprise 70% of the world’s central banks, leading hedge funds, asset managers, banks and corporations.

c.    Professor James Belasco: W. http://www.belasco.com
With the leadership and guidance of this breakthrough Consultant, we help organizations break free of traditional management practices and create effective change that results in dramatic bottom-line improvements.

Professor Belasco has helped both business and government leaders, such as Vice President Albert Arnold Gore Jr., to re-invent government and also reinvent their organizations across the globe and generate extraordinary profitable growth by: creating innovative strategies, developing people and building relationships.

Our Consulting Services fall into four categories: Leadership Development through Coaching and Mentoring, Strategy Development, Introducing and Leading     Change as well as Migrating Cultures to Meet New Market Demand.

f.    General Gus Pagonis. Highly decorated Officer for his achievements during the Gulf War, General Gus Pagonis, helps Organizations across the world to run their Supply Chain with Military Precision. He helps them understand how to apply Desert Storm Strategies to their Logistics Operations. Gus Pagonis, former Head of Supply Chain at Sears and Chief of Logistics in the Gulf War, was General Schwarzkopf’s logistics commander; he functioned as the single point of contact and was responsible for all logistics (food, shelter, fuel, ammunition, transportation, contracting) for the Gulf War I (Dessert Storm).

Pagonis has shown that when it comes to expertise in logistics and overall leadership in management of very complex projects and organizations, few people are better qualified than the retired three-star U.S. Army General. Lieutenant General Pagonis, as head of the Sears Logistics Group, functioned as the single point of contact for all Sears’ logistics and was responsible for Vendor Relations, Distribution, Transportation, Home Deliveries, Outlet Stores, International Logistics and the integration of Information Systems to cement it all together. With Pagonis incorporating the logistics he learned in the military into the corporate world he has turned Sears – dismissed as a dinosaur only years ago – into a star of the retailing universe. Pagonis has been one of the key players in the turnaround of Sears. Since then he has left Sears and now is Chairman of the Board/Director for Railamerica, Inc. Mr. Pagonis is also Chairman of the Defense Business Board, having been appointed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. He is also Vice-Chairman of GENCO ATC and previously served as an advisor to CombineNet, Inc. He retired as President of Sears Logistics Services during 2004, where he also served as Senior Vice-President for Supply Chain for Sears, Roebuck and Company. He has since retired from Sears, he is currently the chairmen of GENCO, a logistics firm based out of Pittsburgh.