1. How can we stay informed on both the Sectoral and Regional Operational Programs as well as of the European Territorial Programs that are being announced?

a.   By either contacting us or by visiting the official websites of the Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Infrastructures, Shipping & Tourism at http://www.espa.gr/en/Pages/Default.aspx or/and of EFEPAE  The Intermediary Body of the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” at http://www.efepae.gr/frontend/articles.php?cid=368&t=Tautotita-tou-Forea

2. Could you please tell as more about the methods you employ when it comes to C Level Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Executive Education/Training?

a.  Yes, of course! We shall be delighted to visit you at your premises and give you a free presentation. Just let us know when this may be taken place. Meanwhile, please visit the relative webpage of our website which refers to what you are currently asking and you will find a wealth of useful information.

3. Does your Company have any International Experience and if yes, in what areas?

Yes, we have. Our company has helped in the past a number of Greek Companies to design and implement their corporate strategy to successfully enter foreign markets, the US being one of them. Furthermore, for a number of years we have organized high value added corporate events for big financial institutions in Cyprus, Turkey and Switzerland. In addition to all that, we have recently concluded in cooperation with the Employers and Industrialists Federation of Cyprus a successful Program of Coaching and Training of about 30 Business Owners and C Level Executives in Cyprus. The scope of that Program was to provide them with the skills, the strategy and the methodology to successfully export to Central and Northern Europe Member States.