a. HR Strategy

Working together with our Customers, we help them develop the strategy that will best serve their goals and objectives. Furthermore, based on their needs, we help them design their organizational model and define the appropriate roles for their people, as well as the competences needed for each individual post.

b. Executive Search & Selection

We work together with our Customers to understand their company’s culture, their strategies and their requirements and based on these, we help them locate the best candidates for them, based on their current and future needs.

c. Assessing Employees’ Performance

We work together with our Customers to develop well defined performance management systems tailored to the specific needs of their companies, and based on that, we provide the methodology and the technical tools to evaluate performance for each job role, that are always based on the success criteria set by the Customer.

d. Reward Management

Working together with our Customers, we create tailor made compensation and benefits systems for them, where employees, based on their performance and the relative “value” of their job role, are competitively rewarded.